Christmas Stocking Fillers

Christmas isn't the same without a festive stocking hanging from the mantel piece or perched under the tree! Why not browse our collection of fun, sweet and quirky stocking filler ideas to inspire you this Christmas. Most of our Christmas stocking fillers cost less than £15 so you needn't worry about spending a fortune - which is always a good thing, especially at this time of the year!

Have you ever wondered where the origin of the Christmas stocking came from? Well, no one knows for sure but there are many popular legends that attempt to explain the history of this essential yuletide tradition. One of the most popular stories relates to the main man himself, that's right good old Saint Nicholas.

A very long time ago there lived a poor man who had three beautiful daughters. The man had no money with which to get his daughters married. Back in those days a marriage dowry was expected as a condition of marriage and the man was worried about what would happen to his daughters after he eventually passed away. Saint Nicholas was passing through the man's small village when he overheard the villagers gossiping about the plight of these three girls. The ever-generous St. Nick was desperate to help but knowing that the man would not accept charity, he decided to help in secret. When it got dark he crept up to the man's house and through an open window he saw three stockings hanging over the fireplace to dry. St Nicholas proceeded to throw three bags of gold into the stockings (it appears, old Nick was a very good shot because each bag of gold landed perfectly in the open stockings - perhaps he was a keen darts player, who knows!). With his selfless task performed he made a swift and quiet retreat. When the father and his three children woke up in the morning they found the bags of gold and were overjoyed with many tears of happiness being shed. The girls were able to get married, the old man was contented and they all lived happily ever after.