Gifts for Little Ones

We like to think that our gifts for little ones are quite unusual and unique. We try to offer an alternative to the 'big brand' toy suppliers and look to focus on more traditional toys and gifts that come without batteries, wires and electrical plugs.

When we look for children's gifts at Edora we try to find presents that will stand the test of time, for that reason you won't find the latest 'must-have' gadget or temporary fad in our ranges, what you will discover is a delightful collection of gifts for little ones with a distinctly traditional feel, gifts that are designed to be cherished and presents that are made to last. We try to avoid products that are made of plastic, preferring instead to look for wooden toys and keepsakes that are handmade and hand painted.

In a world where more and more children are reaching for a tablet or mobile phone for entertainment we like to try and 'do our bit' by looking for gifts that can pull them away from those annoying YouTube videos for a while or that game your little one currently insists on playing. We try to look for toys and games that will engage your little ones in more creative, role-playing fun, encouraging them to use their boundless imagination to make their own entertainment.