Top gift ideas for women of all ages...

What are the current top gift ideas for women? The answer to that question is not as straightforward as it may seem. Today's 'must-have' gifts are tomorrows out-dated fads. Add into the mix the growing number of online shops, marketplaces and boutiques that now exist and your job of finding a really great gift becomes even harder. We've all sat there, trying different search terms in Google, trawling through website after website to find something special - 'a diamond in the rough' - but either nothing quite seems to fit the bill or every site you come across is just a carbon-copy of the one before, different layout and colour scheme, but the same generic products. At Edora we like to do things a little differently, we stock gifts that are a little less 'mainstream' and try to offer our customers the uniqueness that they crave. We work with several smaller UK-based independent suppliers who cannot be found in the larger high street chains and we don't stock the latest 'must-have' gadgets and tech, because quite simply, they don't fit in with the type of shopping experience that we are trying to create. So, what are the current best gifts for women? Well, by the time we've wrote them down and you've read them, they probably would have changed completely, so we're not even going to try! Instead, we simply hope that you'll agree with us and pick a present that is unique, hard to find and timeless, because we feel a truly 'top gift' is one that is loved, treasured and appreciated as much in ten years' time, as it was the moment it was first opened.