Housewarming Gifts

Moving to a new home can be very stressful. Our range of housewarming gifts are designed to show your loved ones and friends that all their effort was worth it. This unique range of new home gifts caters for all individual styles, ages and budgets.

Explore a unique and eclectic range of vintage, pretty and unusual housewarming gift ideas. We hope this carefully chosen collection of must-have home accessories will complement the look and feel of any new home and help to create a warm, homely and serene environment.

Some of the highlights waiting to be discovered in this fabulous collection of housewarming gifts include our popular patchwork "home sweet home" scatter cushion, our gorgeous range of Lisbeth Dahl coffee mugs and tea cup sets and finally our collection of porcelain hearts, butterflies and birds which come with heart-felt messages such as "Bless this house with love, friends and laughter", which we hope you'll agree make them great moving in presents for friends, family and new neighbours.