Father's Day Gifts

Whether he's a sporty dad who likes nothing better that taking the kids out for a bike ride, a grumpy dad who loves a good old moan about the weather or a workaholic who gets up early and works till late to make sure his family have the best of everything...whatever type of dad you have, we know you think the world of him and there's no better occasion than Father's Day to show him just what a wonderful dad you think he is.

At Edora we have a great range of Father's Day gifts for dads of all ages, styles and tastes. For the keen DIY-enthusiast we have the popular Gentlemen's Hardware range of tools and gifts that are guaranteed to appeal to his inner-builder and practical, "hands-on" nature. We have a range of quirky gift ideas for fun-loving dads and a great collection of vintage gift ideas for fathers who love everything "old-school" and retro. And finally, for any dedicated followers of fashion or dads who enjoy the finer things in life, we have some great luxury gifts from top designers like Fred Bennett and the fabulous Ted Baker.