Birthday Gifts for Little Ones

We all love buying gifts for children, it's certainly a lot easier than finding the perfect birthday present for your uncle Bob. Children are a lot easier to please than adults and let's face it you can't go too far wrong if you play it safe down the "toys or games" route.

I remember it fondly, it was my baby boy's first birthday and I'd gone totally overboard and splashed out on every soft toy and interactive learning thingamabob that the TV was telling me was this seasons "must have". Everything was wrapped and ready to go and when I showed this mountain of gifts to my little one, guess what? He didn't have a clue what was going on and of course he was more interested in the wrapping paper than the gifts. We know you just can't help yourself, no matter how young they are you just can't help spoiling them.

When we look for birthday gifts for little ones we try to find presents that will stand the test of time, if we choose a new cuddly toy we want it to be THE cuddly toy that your child cherishes above all others. So when your little 6 year old is cuddling their favourite little bunny or teddy, they may not remember that at first they preferred the wrapping paper it came in and they definitely won't remember that they received it on their very first birthday...but you will.