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Special occasions are important events that take place throughout the various stages of our lives. Be it the birth of a new family member and their subsequent christening, the day they turn twenty-one and officially become an adult or the day they get married and jet off on the honeymoon of a lifetime. These special events mark significant crossroads in our lives and they are times we come to look back on with fondness and nostalgia. As such, we usually put a little more thought into choosing presents for these milestone events and because of their significance we can sometimes feel a little bit more pressure to choose just the right gift, the ideal present for the person and the special occasion they are celebrating. At important times like these you may want to buy something a little more unique and unusual, a present that stands out as being a little bit different from the usual offerings you tend to get your friends and family members. A special occasion deserves a special gift and let's face it a CD, pair of socks or a board game may not cut the mustard this time. Rest assured, we get it, we know how you feel and hopefully we can help.

Edora is a gift boutique that specialises in gifts for any and all occasions. We work tirelessly to bring you a range of gift ideas that are perfectly suited to all budgets, styles and tastes. We're not all the same and every occasion demands a different style and feel of gifts. However, we do find there is one common approach that works best in terms of gift-buying for milestone events and our approach is to place the emphasis on presents that your recipient will want to keep and cherish for a lifetime. We have a large selection of these special mementos and keepsakes and they are simply perfect for any special occasion or recipient, be they a man, woman or child. Some of our keepsakes come inscribed with heart-felt words and sayings, and some you can even personalise yourself, in your own unique way. A keepsake is a gift that perfectly captures and frames a special moment in time, thrilling the recipient in the 'now' and allowing them to look back in the years to come with fondness when they remember who it was who gave it to them, and the event to which is was bestowed and irrevocably linked...now that's better than a CD or a pair of socks, isn't it? Whether you're looking for a milestone birthday, wedding or anniversary gift, whatever the occasion, we hope you'll find the perfect present at Edora.