50th Birthday Gifts for Her

She's just about to turn fifty, this is a big event in her life, so whether she's having a huge party to celebrate or a quiet meal with family and friends you'll need a birthday gift that's extra special, just like her. One word of advice, don't mention that she's been alive half a century and if you do, get ready to duck!

Turning fifty is awesome, no really it is! They used to say that life begins at 40 but I totally disagree, life begins at 50. Now that you've hit the big 5-0 the kids have left the nest (probably!) and you can finally have a spontaneous night out without having to arrange babysitters and such like. Holidays are cheaper, your little darlings are far too busy to come away with you now and when they do, they pay their own way. At fifty you attain the status of 'Oracle', because of your age you're considered to be a fountain of knowledge and people finally start listening to you. You have a lot more disposable income; houses, cars and college educations have all been paid off and you can finally afford those flying lessons you've always dreamed about or that static caravan by the coast. Still not convinced that you're 50 birthday is worth celebrating? Well, in a recent survey which questioned 1,500 people over the age of 50 almost half said they were more content and happy now than at any other time in their life, describing their 5th decade as a golden age of happiness - and these people are oracle's so they know what they're talking about!

Whether you're looking for an extra special 50th birthday keepsake that can be loved and treasured forever or you're searching for an unusual and unique birthday present that has the "wow" factor, we hope you'll find some much needed inspiration in our selection of 50th birthday gift ideas that were handpicked to appeal to any wife, sister or mum who is just about to score a wonderful half century.