40th Birthday Gifts for Her

She's just about to turn forty, the big 4-0! Whatever you do, don't mention that life begins at 40, she's probably heard it a million times this year and she's liable to scream at the next person who offers her this smiling platitude.

For the past year she's probably been clinging on to the fact that she's only 39 for dear life, hoping that the months would tick by slowly (or preferably stop!) thus allowing her to delay the inevitable, the thing she's secretly dreaded all her life, yes that's right - turning 40! Let's face it, she doesn't even have the comfort of knowing that life begins at 40 anymore, that saying was made for the previous generation. Her mum had her when she was in her early 20's, so 'yes' she could start living a little in her forties, but she (and most of her friends) spent their twenties studying and working, it was only in her early thirties that she felt financially secure enough to have children of her own, so good luck putting her feet up and relaxing for a bit now, her little cherubs are going to be a handful for a number of years to come. So what is so great about turning 40? Well, when I hit this dreaded milestone I consoled myself with one simple fact, one beacon of light that put everything else into perspective, it was the thought that "I'll never again be as young as I am today" and when I reach the next big milestone, namely fifty, what wouldn't I give to be a beautiful, strong and independent 40 year old woman again. Armed with this knowledge I thought 'the big four zero' bring it on!

Her 40th birthday is a very special event that requires an extra special gift. At Edora we have a unique collection of birthday gift ideas, keepsakes and luxury presents to make her 40th birthday a day she'll never forget. Highlights include a special range of 40th birthday keepsakes and mementos from East of India. This fabulous range of gift ideas includes porcelain hearts, linen covered photo albums and 40th birthday scrapbooks that can be used to document this important year and inspire her to make it a year (and a decade) to remember.