30th Birthday Gifts for Her

She may be feeling a little sad that her twenties are over and looking at turning thirty with some trepidation, but a really great gift will soon cheer her up and an extra loud and raucous night on the town will remind her that age is just a number.

Turning thirty isn't such a bad thing, honestly, in fact there are a number of advantages to being in your thirties. People will now start to take you more seriously, you've finally thrown off the unwanted tag of being known as a 'young adult', you now have life experience! You're in a better position financially, the hard work you put in through your twenties is finally paying off, you've got your degree, you've worked your way up the career ladder (well at least a couple of steps) and your level of pay finally matches your talents, you should also be much better at managing your money now; finally you can actually start enjoying the fruits of your labour. You should now have a very tight group of best friends - the bad pennies have all been weeded out. You can use your age as an excuse to go home early or to swap wine for water, it's a well known fact that hangovers get a million times worse when you're in your thirties so you've now got a good reason to leave the party early and 'before' you do something you will definitely regret. And of course, last but not least you still have a whole decade to go before you turn 40 - you're just a spring chicken really!

Whether you're looking for a 30th birthday gift or keepsake for your daughter, sister or best friend, we hope you'll find a few surprises that will make her day at Edora. If you're looking for a gift that will remind her of this landmark occasion in the years to come, we have a selection of gift ideas that have the number 30 printed on them, like photo albums and scrapbooks. These wonderful keepsakes can be filled with memories from her 30th birthday celebrations or they can be used to document her adventures throughout the year. In the years to come she can look back on these cherished mementos with wonderment and joy, when she fondly remembers a time when she had only just turned thirty.