18th Birthday Gifts for Her

Your special little girl is just about to turn eighteen, it's hard to believe the years have flown so fast. One minute she's jumping in puddles and playing with dolls, the next she's passing her driving test and going out drinking with her friends. An 18th birthday is a memorable event in your child's life, your special little girl is turning into a mature and responsible woman...we know it's scary, but just take deep breaths and you'll be fine.

When she turns eighteen a whole new world of possibilities will open up to your beloved daughter; she'll now be able to vote in a general election, serve on a jury and get a tattoo for the first time (yeah, we know what you're thinking 'over my dead body!'). She'll be able to see an 18 certificate film at the cinema and 'legally' purchase and consume alcohol in a bar - two things she's probably been doing 'illegally' for the past few years now. Perhaps most frightening of all is the fact that she'll now be able to leave the family home, buy her own house or flat and get married without your consent - remember what we said 'just take deep breaths, you'll be fine'. Unfortunately we can't stop the passage of time, but what you can do is embrace it and look forward to the next chapter in your daughters journey into adulthood.

At edora.co.uk we have a great range of gift ideas and keepsakes that are perfect for her 18th birthday. We believe that such a monumental occasion deserves an equally stupendous gift, so we really have 'gone to town' to find you the best collection of 18th birthday keepsakes and gift ideas available today - in fact, we've even designed and created a few products ourselves because we found that the online offerings were a little lacking and a bit thin on the ground in places. So whether you're searching for an extra special present for your daughter, granddaughter or niece we really hope you'll that elusive 'hidden gem' within our thoughtful and eclectic range of 18th birthday gifts for her.