Gifts for Grandmothers

She's always spoiled you rotten, she gives great hugs and her Sunday dinners are simply to die for! At Edora you'll discover a unique range of gifts for grandmothers of all ages, styles and tastes.

We all have fond memories of visiting our grandmother as children. A constant source of sweets, games and funny stories about the "good old day's", she would always keep us entertained for hours. We could never seem to do any wrong and would be spoilt rotten from the moment we arrived, till the moment we left. There is a special place in our hearts that is forever reserved for our beloved gran and when it comes to finding her a really great gift, you want to spoil her rotten, just like she's always done with you!

At edora.co.uk we have gifts for grandmothers of all ages, everyone is different, so we try to offer a little something for everyone. If your gran loves to watch the Great British Bake Off and knows everything there is to know about a Victoria sponge, perhaps a cake stand, mixing bowl or recipe journal is the way to go! If she still likes to let her hair down, keeps her finger on the pulse of fashion and is the epitome of what you would call a 'glamorous granny' you should check out the latest offerings from our Ted Baker Women's range. Ted's fabulous floral prints are ultra stylish, eye-catching and now come adorned on a growing range of gifts including notebooks, jewellery rolls and handy travel accessories. If she's sentimental at heart and loves romantic old movies, poems and reminiscing about the past, we have a range of keepsakes that would make great presents for any occasion. They come with heart-felt messages, quotes and sayings that are simply perfect for conveying just how wonderful you think your gran is and just how much she means to you. These items can be treasured for a lifetime and will always remind her of what a special place she has in your heart. Finally, if you're looking for something that's a little bit more unusual and unique, the type of thing that you can't always find in your local high street shops, may we suggest that you take a look at personalisation. Let's face it, there's nothing that could be more thoughtful and unique than a gift that you helped to create, from your very own imagination.