Gifts for Daughters

Whether she's a high-flying business woman or a gorgeous domestic goddess with a daughter of her own, she'll always be your little girl. Our sentimental range of unique handmade products make great gifts for daughters of all ages.

The years have flown so fast, it seems like only yesterday she was building sandcastles at the beach, jumping in puddles and begging you for her very own pony! Now your little girl has grown up and turned into a young woman, perhaps she even has a family of her own and her very own kids. However old she is, we know you still like to spoil her rotten and when it comes to looking for gift ideas only the best will do.

At Edora, we understand the special bond that exists between a mother and a daughter, she's your best friend and when she's happy, you're happy! When we look for gift ideas we like to find sentimental items that help to express the love that you share and highlight that special bond that exists between the two of you. If you take a look at our gifts for daughters range you'll find unusual keepsakes, sweet little decorations and high-quality jewellery, all adorned with special messages, quotes and sayings that are great for reminding your daughter just how amazing she is and just how much she is loved. If you can't find a particular message that quite sums up what you would like to say, you can always send a personalised gift and choose your own very own unique message or quote. That way, you can surprise her with an "in-joke" that only the two of you would get, or you could sum up a special memory or experience that the two of you shared - with personalisation the choice is yours!

If you're looking for more traditional presents, like jewellery, accessories or something that your daughter might find useful, like a notebook, travel wallet or pen, then we also have a growing selection of products from many of today's leading giftware companies that may just fit the bill!