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At edora we specialise in unusual and unique gift ideas for every recipient and all major occasions! Unusual and unique gifts can take many different forms but they all need to have one thing in common the element of surprise and that magical and elusive "wow" factor! Whether its handmade, personalised, slightly quirky or even a little strange there's nothing wrong with breaking from the norm and choosing a gift with a difference!

When we receive a gift from someone we usually have a rough idea of what could be inside; whether it's the old favourites like perfume, chocolate or jewellery. So when we open a present and it turns out to be something slightly quirky, a little unusual or completely unique it is usually greeted with a fair amount of surprise and that magical "wow" response which instantly tells the "giver" they have made the right choice - which ultimately is the goal we want to achieve when presenting a gift to a friend, partner or family member. There are many different ways to achieve that precious "I wasn't expecting that!" response that giving a unique or unusual gift creates. One of the easiest and best ways is to give a gift that is personal to the recipient, for example a product that has their name on it, something that is engraved with a memorable date or an item that comes bearing a special message that they can instantly relate to because it is about them. Usually any item with personalisation is guaranteed to be truly one-of-a kind because it is designed and created by you, you can let your imagination run wild, you can be funny, sweet or sentimental, the choice is yours! Other great ideas when looking for unexpected birthday or christmas gifts are to choose items that are handmade. Let's face it, nowadays most things are made on a production line by machines, they are churned out by the thousands and distributed to the masses, so to receive a gift that has been lovingly made by hand is in itself a unique thing to find in our modern, fast-paced world. Knowing that an actual person has taken the time to hand-carve or hand-paint a product makes it feel more special and remarkable. Knowing that you've taken the time to find something that cannot be found on the high street, that isn't plastered all over the TV ads, will show your intended recipient that you've actually put some thought and effort into finding them the perfect present - and you will be rewarded with that warm and fuzzy feeling that results from a job well done!

So, whether you're looking for a gift for your best friend, your mum and dad or your favourite little nephew or niece, our extensive range of unusual and unique gift ideas will hopefully leave you spoilt for choice, and keep you coming back time and time again whenever a birthday or special occasion is just around the corner!