Do you need some Christmas gift inspiration?

Christmas, it seems to come around quicker and quicker each year. It feels like only yesterday you were sitting in your best festive jumper, knocking back the mulled wine and wrapping all your carefully chosen gifts for friends and family...and now you've got to do it all again! Another Christmas and another set of thoughtfully chosen gifts to find. If you're struggling to find some Christmas gift inspiration this year, you're not alone, however the days of tirelessly trudging from shop to shop in order to find that elusive spark of gift-giving inspiration are now over thanks to the emergence of online shopping.

Christmas can be a stressful time for the best of us, you've got a hundred and one things to organise and prepare, its freezing outside and the high street is packed full of shoppers in a mad rush to snap up those "must-have" gifts and bargains for friends and family. However, with the birth and subsequent growth in popularity of online shopping you can now sit back in the comfort of your own home and make all your christmas purchases at the touch of a button. No more standing in a mile-long queue at the checkout, no more running the gauntlet as you fight your way through the crowds to the next shop on your list. And no more missing out on the very best deals because you couldn't camp out all night in order to be the first in the queue for the 'biggest-ever' Black Friday mega-sales event. Let's face it, It's a lot easier to be inspired when you're happy, chilled out and stress free, which are things you don't commonly feel when you're being pushed and prodded on a packed snow-covered high street with wet feet and a screaming two-year old.

With the growth in online shopping and special pre-Christmas sales and discounts the terms Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now becoming common place. Not only do we have to summon up the inspiration to find the very best presents, we're also being compelled to find those presents at the very best prices, or be left feeling like we've missed out. The term Black Friday originated in America and traditionally occurs on the Friday following Thanksgiving. Some people attribute its name to the heavy traffic and foot-flow that occurs after the Thanksgiving holiday and others describe it as the day when most retailers move from making a loss (in the 'red') to making a profit, in the 'black', hence the term Black Friday. Cyber Monday is a newer term that can be attributed entirely to the birth of online shopping and the clever marketing men's desire for people to spend their hard earned cash online. Whether you love them or hate them these events are here to stay and although they do provide us with a fabulous opportunity to grab a really great bargain, they're just another factor that adds to the panic, stress and overall hysteria that the Christmas period seems to create.

At Edora we want to make your whole Christmas shopping experience an enjoyable one, you won't find any mega Black Friday deals, just great, low prices all year round. If it's inspiration you're after, we've worked tirelessly all year long to create a unique range of great value products, for young and old, we've done all the hard work and covered the miles so that you don't have to. We believe Christmas shopping should be fun, stress-free and most importantly it should leave you feeling exited and eager for the main event itself. So pour yourself a glass of mulled wine, sit back and relax and prepare to be inspired!