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Pretty Serendipity

Pretty Serendipity is the name of my handmade jewellery range, yes that's right when I'm not looking for gifts to populate Edora's shelves, I'm actually making the gifts myself (although my husband does chip in and help from time to time!). No machines, no production line just yours truly sitting at a jewellery bench hand-crafting necklaces and bangles for all my lovely customers. But how did Pretty Serendipity get started? I hear you ask, well it all went a little something like this…more...

A young love for handmade…

I experimented for years in various handcrafts from creating my own candles to soap making, to name but a few. It stemmed from childhood and my mother and grandmother were my main influences for my interest and passion for all things handmade. I still remember sitting at Gran's kitchen table carefully painting stones that we had collected from Dymchurch beach and spending countless rainy afternoons pressing flowers to make my own greeting cards. Basic beading and wirework gave me an introduction into creating my own jewellery - I enjoyed it so much that I enrolled in a local jewellery making course. I found it was a fantastic way to unleash the designer within!

A welcome stroke of serendipity…

After flitting from one job to another (you name it I've probably had a bash at it!) it was time for me to focus on what I really wanted to do. I began selling gifts through online marketplaces (you know the one's I mean!) and eventually put together enough money to branch out on my own and start my own website, hence Edora was born (I have to give a big shout out to my husband here, as he was the one who actually built the edora.co.uk website….thanks hubby!)

Over the years, Edora went from strength to strength, but one thing my customers kept asking for was handmade items and in particular personalised jewellery. I took this as a sign (call it serendipity) and found myself longing to create my own jewellery (just like the old day's) and develop my own unique handmade brand. I started to experiment with simple silversmithing and was amazed at what I could create with my own fair hands, a lot of trial and error and a sprinkle of imagination. The art of handstamping was another skill I learnt and I simply fell in love with the way that it brings each personalised piece to life! Skip forward in time (a lot of time!) and can I have a drum roll please? Ta-Dah! Pretty Serendipity was born.

Pretty boxes full of happy surprises…

It is truly my honour to handcraft your one of a kind jewellery creation. Not only will you receive your treasure, completely unique and made especially for you, but you will always be a part of my Pretty Serendipity journey. I hope you love your little piece of Serendipity as much as I have loved every moment of creating it.


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