About Us

Edora is a small, family run business situated in the heart of Northumberland. Edora's journey started back in 2010 when my husband and I decided to put our collective skills together and start up an online business. Up until that point I'd been flitting from one retail job to another (you name it I've probably had a bash at it!), while my husband had been carving out a career as a software engineer. It seemed like a match made in heaven for us to combine our talents and 'go it alone' and after a year of early mornings and late nights, laughter, frustration, tears, MySQL error codes, more laughter and copious amounts of red wine...edora.co.uk was born!

While creating Edora I had one main ambition in mind, to make it easy for 'anyone' to find the perfect gift. Whatever the budget, whoever the recipient, my dream was to create an online gift boutique with a little something for everyone. I also had a clear philosophy in mind for the types of gifts that I wanted to sell...every gift needed to be extra special and unique in some way, they needed to be thoughtful and live long in the memory of the recipient, well after the occasion had passed! Tall order, I hear you say...well I've never been afraid of a challenge!


Fast forward a few years and I hope you'll agree that we have lived up to this promise (If you don't agree, please keep it to yourself because if you tell me I'm likely to burst into tears and no one likes to see a woman with mascara running down her face!). One case in point is our range of sentimental, handmade gifts and in particular the wonderful, amazing and stupendous Pretty Serendipity which is the name of our very own handmade jewellery range (yes, OK, we might be a little biased!). Yes that's right, when we're not looking for gifts to populate Edora's shelves, we are actually making the gifts ourselves. No machines, no production line just one of our trained silversmiths sitting at a jewellery bench hand-crafting necklaces and bangles for all our lovely customers, each piece is made to order, just for you!...well, what could be more special, thoughtful and unique than that! If you're curious to check out our latest offerings just click on the logo above or visit our new www.prettyserendipity.co.uk website...go on, you know you want to!


I care passionately about what I do, whether it's finding the most thoughtful and unique gifts for that extra special occasion or it's making a new mum a personalised necklace, handstamped with the names of all her children I make sure that each and every order is treated with care, attention and love. I'm always here to help, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch via the contact us page of the website. I will always find time in my busy schedule for my amazing customers, because I couldn't do it without you!

Happy Shopping!


Edora & Pretty Serendipity Xx