60th Birthday Gifts for Her

It's her 60th birthday soon and for the last few months all you've heard is "I can't believe I'm going to be 60" followed by a large inhale and exhale of breath. You've done your best to reassure you mum that "she doesn't look it" and that "60 is the new 50" but she's having none of it. Wow, this is going to take one hell of a 60th birthday gift to lift her out of this slump! Well fear not, because we have a fabulous range of gift ideas for all mum's who are just about to turn sixty. In fact, if you're looking for 60th birthday gifts for her you've come to the only place you're ever going to need - now how's that for confidence!

In addition to choosing a really great 60th birthday gift, reminding her of all the free stuff she'll be entitled to when she turns 60 will definitely help to cheer up your beloved mum. At the time of writing, everyone over the age of 60 in the UK is entitled to free prescriptions and eye tests and depending on your circumstances you may also be entitled to free NHS dental treatment. If your mother lives in Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland she's also entitled to free bus travel and if they live in London they can get free travel on all buses and the tube. Also, from the age of 60 she'll be eligible to buy a Senior Persons Railcard from National Rail for travel across the length and breadth of Great Britain, this will give her a third off all off-peak rail travel for a year for just £30. And last but not least, over-60's can claim winter fuel payments of £250 tax-free from the government - and who said turning 60 was all bad!